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See difference between wishlist and gametrack wishlist#357

Follow up to Right now, wish list is one way in that if I add something to steam, it comes into gametrack. Unfortunately, if I add something to wishlist in gametrack, it’s not possible for gametrack to then add it back to steam or psn wishlist because they don’t expose those APIs. Ideally, I’d keep gametrack as the main source of truth here, however, gametrack doesn’t track sales, so in order to get notified of sales, I need to add back to steam/psn stores. Is it possible to have gametrack check for the difference between the two and prompt the user with games that are not on online stores? That way, the user could then add them back and have things be in sync.

Also as noted, this problem goes away if gametrack tracks sales and notifies in that way. Thanks!!

2 months ago